Monday, 26 March 2012

Stroller Dilemma

Husband and I have been looking at strollers for a while *Pause*

Nah, actually, we've been eyeing for this one stroller before we even knew I was pregnant. *Pause (again)*

Correction. I've been eyeing for this one stroller before we even knew I was pregnant. My husband did not share the same opinion as the stroller that I was aiming for costs too much. Considering our income, he thinks we should opt for a less cheaper stroller. But I believe that a more expensive stroller is always a better choice than a lower priced model. I know what you are thinking. While price is often directly relative to the quality of a product, higher price tag does not necessarily mean that you’ll get a stroller that is better for your needs. Yes, I get that! But I think this one stroller that I've been aiming for or I aimed for is very well made/invented and worth every penny.

And that stroller is........Bugaboo Cameleon

Why am I really in love with this Bugaboo Cameleon Baby Stroller?

Even though it is expensive it lasts from infancy to toddlerhood thanks to the individual seating that it comes with. The bassinette is perfect for baby and when he/she is capable of sitting up on his own the toddler seat fits perfect. Plus since there are two separate seats you don’t have to worry about either one getting too messed up. The Bugaboo Cameleon comes with a rain shield and a mosquito net standard. These are perfect for taking baby out and because they have a storage spot on the stroller you will not forget and leave them home. The stroller is easy to take apart in order to store it in the trunk of a car or closet and very easy to reassemble. 

After a few arguments with my husband, I still did not manage to convince my husband to buy this stroller. It took me awhile but i have finally come to my senses that the stroller is overpriced and we should not spend our savings on a stroller. And so, we decided to buy something that is within our limits of what we earn. Basically, we have agreed to buy a stroller that is not too cheap and not too expensive. Any stroller that is beyond RM1500 should not be an option for us. Personally, my husband and I have considered and tried a total of 6 strollers. 

But then, on a one fine day, I received an SMS from dad in London telling me that he has bought a stroller for our baby. I did not expect it at all. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the SMS because I somehow imagined that dad would bring me home a 'Bugaboo Cameleon' all the way from London. To make the long story short, dad has bought me an Xtreme Pushchair Travel System from Mothercare instead. 

When I first saw the stroller, I was like "is this really a stroller? or a motor boat?." I was quite frustrated at first because it’s a little bulky when folded which I think may not be ideal if you need to fold it on a bus or get it into the boot of a small car and I really think that the design is very old fashion. However, I am still glad and thankful that dad has bought me this stroller for our baby. And I am also grateful that dad has helped us to lessen our financial burden. Though it's not a compact choice but I've read reviews that the Mothercare Xtreme is a really good value travel system, with plenty of great features and added extras for your money. After all, I don't think our baby would mind being pushed in any kind of stroller. I'm so grateful to God he has granted me such a nice and an unbelievably thoughtful Dad. 


Anonymous said...

should bought it after birth to make sure the baby comfortable being in a stroller..a stroller should be the last thing on a baby list. just to share my experience :)

baby care said...

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