Thursday, 21 July 2011

My reaction of the last HP movie

Its lunch hour and I left my robert jordan book at home. dang! anyway, i've watched the last HP movie weeks ago and i still cannot get it out of my mind. Ive been thinking a lot about Harry Potter lately. I know your reaction would be like this --> "wth is wrong with this woman? don't u have any other thing to think about?" i get it. i get that a lot actually. so Im used to it.

You don’t understand, it's like a huge part of my childhood just died, and now all I have are bitter sweet memories of the times I would put a robe on, grab a branch and run around my room yelling spells at the top of my lungs (Ok, ive never done this but ive imagined this so many times especially when I read the books). See Harry Potter wasn’t just a book, or a movie, but it is something that I grew up with. Something that I saw grow as I did, something that I could escape to. I always felt like I could just open a Harry Potter book and feel all the emotions and excitement. See when you’re a kid the things you believe in (I mean really truly believe in) give you so much hope and make the world seem so wonderful, and as you grow older you begin to see the world for what it really is. You see all the ugly and all the bad, but then you can remember times when you really felt you were a wizard/witch. Times when the world was less complicated and these books can transport you to these amazing lands full of things I could only dream of. So now that I have seen the last movie (and read each book several times) I feel as though I have closed a chapter in my life, but I will always look fondly upon the days when I was so engrossed with Harry Potter; unable to turn the page fast enough. Hours and days spent at the edge of my bed as I read on and as I connected more and more to this fantastic world that I can only wish were real. I will always have Harry Potter in my heart, not just because of its inspiring message, but also because it has etched itself right in the nooks of my soul! I will forever be a Potterhead, from 13 to 130 (13 because harry potter was first published in 1997 when i was 13)! So you see, it’s so much more!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Some part of me is still here

I thought I wanted to move permanently to my tumblr. But somehow, I kinda miss blogspot. I don't know why.

Monday, 23 May 2011